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The WFSOS is established for the purpose of uniting all existing professional oncological national organizations:

  • -      to provide the exchange of experience;
  • -      to improve professional skills;
  • -      to arrange mutually beneficial cooperation among doctors and scientists dealing with problems of diagnostics; treatment, preventive measures of malignant new growths;
  • -      to advance the idea of healthy way of life.

The creation of the field of oncologists’ cooperation working in clinics and fundamental investigators dealing with the problems of diagnosis and treatment of malignant new growths is the result of the necessary resolution of the contradiction between existence of many professional oncological organizations all over the world on the one hand and difficulty of their interaction on the other hand.

We are sure that our joint efforts will assist us to overcome existing disagreements to generate and develop the uniform scientifically-practical base for the sake of patients’ health.

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