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Post release VII Cycle International scientific educational school in Bukhara


In april 14-16, 2016 in the city of Bukhara (Uzbekistan) was held on the 7th cycle of the International week of Oncology "Oncology and plastic surgery" as a General informational sponsor was organized by the portal "".
The Organizers Of The Forum:
1. World Federation of surgical oncologists,
2. All-Russian public organization "Federation of specialists in disease of the head and neck",
3. First Moscow state medical University. I. M. Sechenov,
4. The Republican cancer research center,
5. The Department of health of Bukhara region
6. Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina,
7. Bukhara cancer center,
In total the school was attended by over 200 of their listeners in almost all regions of Uzbekistan, as well as their neighboring countries - Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.
In the official opening ceremony was attended and delivered a welcoming speech:
- Director of the cancer research center of R. UZ. Professor M. N. Tillashayxov,
- Rector of Bukhara state Medical Institute Professor T. A. Askarov,
- Head of regional health administration of Bukhara region I. I. Amonov.


In response, and the story of the world organization of surgical oncologists was made by the President of the organization, Professor Vladimir Anikin (UK).Modern lighting level of scientific material, the wide range and relevance of the problems under consideration, interesting discussion and debate on controversial issues, the originality of the performances, a significant representation of foreign experts among the speakers – all it was a truly great event and extremely interesting both for practitioners and healthcare managers and professionals engaged in scientific research in the field of Oncology and related disciplines.

Within two days, the participants and distinguished guests discussed the role of certain complex issues in different localizations which may be offset by the knowledge of modern approaches of cancer treatment. So, all participants have repeatedly stressed that such schools should contribute to the main task - to provide modern and timely assistance to needy critically ill patients.
Invited teachers, true professionals in their professions shared their experience and expertise, gave detailed answers to questions about how to properly apply a particular technique in different situations.
I would particularly like to mention two transactions with a video feed. Professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy Of Sciences I. Reshetov held microsurgical reconstruction of the breast after tumor removal. During the demonstration and story about the operation, the hall was almost absolute silence, and the doctor's questions and answers took about 2 hours and delighted everyone present. They also had a lecture "Modern approaches to the treatment of bone metastases", where special attention was paid to the drug Resoba, which releases Russian farmcompany "Farmsintez" and positive results from the use of this drug.
Surgery on thyroid gland with removal of the tumor, which was performed in Professor, representative of the St. Petersburg school of Oncology A. Romanchishen with assistant , associate Professor of the Department K. Vabalayte also aroused great interest of listeners and a lot of questions.

The answers to many practical questions, the participants received after the lectures on the following topics:
- The role of the master class in improving the quality of medical care in the regions of Uzbekistan Professor M. N. Tillashaykhov (Uzbekistan);
- Increasing role of ablative technologies in modern Oncology - Professor Vladimir Anikin (UK);
- Determine the role of circulating tumor cells in modern Oncology. -
Professor Vladimir Anikin (UK);
- Combined treatment of tumors of the major localizations - Professor V. Titova (Russia);
- Endoprotezirovanie in encourtered - H. Abdukarimova (Uzbekistan);
-Modern approaches to surgical treatment of thyroid cancer - Professor A. Romanchishen;
- Current diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer - Khairutdinov (Uzbekistan);
- Intensive care and terminal condition in Oncology and Oncology - doctor of the highest category N. Podgorny;
- The implementation principles of reconstructive and plastic operations in Oncology - Professor I. Reshetov.

I would especially like to emphasize the fruitful discussions and exchanges of experience of doctors of different specializations with their colleagues.
The core ideas of the event was the understanding that in addition to highly effective experience exchange with leading experts from different countries, contacts were established, allowing us to hope for further development of relations and long-term cooperation not only in clinical medicine but also at the inter-university sphere, in the creation and promotion of joint research and innovative projects for promoting the process of modernization of clinical and scientific medicine.
Also quite interesting and informative for the participants was to conduct the school on the basis of the oncologic dispensary of Bukhara, which is one of the largest medical institutions in the region. Today the dispensary is located in a new built with the latest technologies the building is designed for 130 beds. The chief doctor is Sherali Dustov, who is without a doubt all the participants, both teachers and students are grateful for the preparation and conducting of such events.
In the framework of the forum the ceremony of awarding Certificates of specialists of the participant, and the lecturers were awarded Certificates of the lecturer.
As shown by international school in Bukhara such events contribute to the development of cross-multidisciplinary and friendly ties, and enrich the international scientific community with new knowledge, reminiscent of the traditions of the past, demonstrate the existing rules and set the trends of development of medicine in the future.
Summarizing, it is possible to emphasize that events of such level and scale should be held on a regular basis, helping to optimize the contacts inside the medical community from different countries.

We would like to mention the friendly atmosphere and beauty of the hospitable Bukhara land. 

Bukhara is one of the most famous and ancient cities of Uzbekistan. As evidenced by archaeological finds, this city more than 2500 years. Bukhara preserved old part of town – a part that exists in unchanged form for hundreds of years . This treasure boasts not every city. An interesting tradition for Bukhara – located in the ancient buildings of different museums. It makes and museums, and the buildings are very original.
The most famous sights of Bukhara - Ark citadel, the complex Lyabi Khauz, the Samanid Mausoleum, Chor-Minor, the complex of Bahauddin Naqshband, the Palace Sitorai Mohi-Khose. These buildings demonstrate the true skill of Bukhara masters and if you feel like You are in a time when they were created. Bukhara is a city that conceals many stories about the life of Eastern people, strolling among the sunny streets of which Uzbekistan will open for you in all its beauty and steal its mystery and elusiveness.


Many thanks from surgeons of Uzbekiston . After 7-th Oncosurgery school in Bukhara


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