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Post-release «The Common future in the treatment of oncology» The VIII Cycle of the international oncology week

"The educational project for oncologists with the international participation: "The educational project for oncologists with the international participation: A VIII-cycle of the International scientific and educational school in Cyprus «Single educational standards of treatment in oncology and plastic surgery: technologies and innovations"

November 3-6, 2017, Limassol, Cyprus




The VIII Cycle of the international oncology week has came to the end. The organisers of the event as part of good tradition for the past 8 years were:

1. The World Federation of surgeons-oncologists,

2. The Russian Federation of Specialist in Head and Neck Diseses,

3. First Moscow state medical university of I.M. Sechenov:

The general sponsor of the educational project - «Pharm-Sintez»


       For two days the conference hall of «St. Raphael-5» hotel brought together authoritative experts, specialists and young oncology scientists. The school was started with greetings to the participants by the ideological inspirer of the program, Academician of Russian Academy of Science Professor Igor Reshetov who noticed that this project gives the chance for comprehensive communication of the doctors dealing with problems of various localisations. It is possible to change an alarming situation of indicators of a mortality from illness of 20-21 centuries only trough joint professional efforts.

     The current president of WFSOS Professor Radan Dzhodich thanked scientific committee of the school and noticed that the oncology week led by the organisation becomes more and more popular in oncologic circles.

     The participants addressed issues of preoperative, radiation and endocrine therapy, an augmentatsionny mammoplastika, various aspects of reconstructive operations, features in carrying out reconstructive and corrective operations, a role of radial diagnostic methods in assessment of a condition of tissues of a mammary gland.

     The report "Modern principles of immunotherapy of cancer" which was read by the new participant of the Dr. G. Orfanos school representing the Cyprian medical school (Nicosia, Cyprus) attracted a great interest of participants.

    There were many questions as always. There was emotional discussion on I. Reshetov's report

" Modern approach to the management of metastatic bone tumours ".


International and russian speakers made their reports. Vice President of WFSOS, professor from Great Britain V. Anikin performed with the lecture " Zoledronic Acid in the Management of Patients with Lung Cancer " and paid special attention to a subject of early diagnostics in the United Kingdom.

     The interesting digression to history of development of a becoming of oncologic school in a thyroid gland in St. Petersburg in the reports " Treatment of medullary thyroid cancer", " Fertility in patients with thyroid cancer" was made by professor A. Romanchishen and K.V. Vabalayte.

Participants of the school noticed that all lectures in the program were on an edge of science and practical oncology. Discussions of the reports continued on the sidelines of the school.
 All partners expressed great desire to take part in the upcoming school which presumably will take place in the fall of the next year.
        We thank all participants and speakers for successful and useful action.
Detailed information as well as photos are posted on the website
You may address your questions and wishes directly to the organisers.

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