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Historical information about Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology (SSSO)



Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology (SSSO)

Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology (SSSO) was founded in the year 2003 with the goal to apply the science and practice in surgery of solid malignant tumors. The Head  Office of the SSSO is at the Surgical Oncology Clinic of the Institute of oncology and radiology of Serbia in Belgrade.


 The special fields of work and interest of SSSO are:

  1. to improve surgical procedures which could be used separately or in addition to other treatment modalities,
  2. to create curriculum, to train and educate surgical oncologist at all levels,
  3. to give directions and to organize clinical and laboratory research,
  4. to participate in other Oncology Societies in the country.
  5. to promote and organize multidisciplinary cooperation of specialists in different fields of oncology  
  6. to connect and cooperate with other Oncology Associations in the world and to become their member

The Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia and SSSO members are already educating surgeons from Serbia with the plan to became a educational centar for surgical oncology for the entire Balkan region. 

The Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology became member of World Federation of Surgical Oncology Societies (WFSOS) in St. Petersburg in June 2012 and the member of European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) in September 2012.

During eight years 7 Symposia have been held with international participants: Thyroid carcinomas (diagnostics and treatment), dissectional surgery, breast cancer (diagnostics and treatment), soft tissue sarcomas (diagnostics and treatment), melanoma and upper abdomen parenhymatous organs treatment, surgery of thyroid and parathyroid glands, minimal breast cancer surgery.  The last symposim was held on a preparation for implementing breast cancer screening in Serbia.

Since December 2011 the President of the Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology (SSSO) is Prof Dr Radan Dzodic, Vice presidents: Momcilo Inic Ph. D and Prof. Andrija Golubovic, general secretary: Ass mr sc dr Ivan Markovic, secretary: Dr Marko Buta, finances: Dr Igor Djurisic. The honorary member of SSSO is Dr France Rochard from the Institute Gustave Roussy, France.

The first president of SSSO was MD/Ph.D. Momcilo Inic in two terms

Vice Presidents: Prof. Branimir Guduric and Prof. Radan Dzodic.

 Dr Momcilo Inic  Prof. dr Branimir Guduric  Prof dr Radan Dzodic
Dr Momcilo Inic Prof. dr Branimir Guduric Prof dr Radan Dzodic


historyThe first hospital in Serbia was founded in 1207 in the Monastery of Studenica. The hospital was called “Sveti duh” (Holy Spirit). Back then, mind diseased patients were still separated from the patients with physical maladies. People suffering of leprosy and other infectious diseases were also separated as well as patients with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Médical School of Belgrade was founded in 1920.  Faculty of Surgery began its work in 1922.

Departmed of Surgery at the Institute of Oncology was founded in 1950 and has been part of the Faculty of Surgery of the Medical School of Belgrade since  1955.

In the year 1939 the construction of the Institute of oncology and radiology has began after Decleration by the Yugoslavian King Petar II from the Karadjordjevic dynasty. 

The building was completed in 1949. 

sertificat stroyka stroyka2

The building has been bombed twice during the Second World War, first by Germany in April 1941 and the second time in 1944. by the Allied Forces and that is the reason for dely in construction.   Institute of Oncology in Belgrade was founded by Academician Ksenofon Šahović.

The first Professor of Surgical Oncology was Prof Dr Sava Simic.

Then, after him many proffesors of surgery worked at the institute: Prof. Ivo Popovic Djani, Prof. Milan Dragovic, Prof. Dragoslav Milicevic, Prof. Triva Litricin, Prof Slobodan Nikolic  Prof. Milan Ostojic and Prof Radmilo Tomin

 Prof dr Sava Simić  Prof dr Milan Dragović  Prof drMilan Ostojić  Prof dr Dragoslav Milićević
Prof dr Sava Simić Prof dr Milan Dragović Prof drMilan Ostojić   Prof dr Dragoslav Milićević
 Prof dr Ivo Popović  Prof drTriva Litričin  Prof dr Radmilo Tomin  Prof dr Slobodan Nikolić
Prof dr Ivo Popović Prof drTriva Litričin Prof dr Radmilo Tomin Prof dr Slobodan Nikolić

From the year 2007.Department of Surgery of the Institute of oncology and radiology of Serbia (IORS) has evolved into the Surgical Oncology Clinics within IORS. 

Surgical Oncology Clinic is consited of Department of Surgery with 5 Clinical Departments and Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation with two Clinical Departments. 

The Surgical Oncology Clinic has five operating rooms.


During the last fifteen years the responsible Professor of Surgical Oncology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade is Prof Dr Radan Dzodic. 

Head of the Subspeciality Faculty of Oncology and he founded three extra curricular subjects in Surgical Oncology and in Oncohematology.

We still do not have speciality in Oncologic Surgery but with high hopes that we will establish it.

Serbian Society of Surgical Oncology aims to establish it.

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