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Post- release on the 3rd Cycle of the International Week of Oncology in the Republic of Montenegro

The 3rd training period ‘Integrated Educational Standards of Treatment in Oncology: Technologies and Innovations’ took place in the International Scientific Educational School in Budva (November 2-6, 2012)


04This Week has already become traditional gaining more and more popularity each year, being accepted as an official school of the ‘World Federation of Surgical Oncology Societies’ (WFSOS) according to the decision adopted during the meeting held in St.-Petersburg in 2012.

Lectures of leading specialists, professional discussions, exchanging of views and knowledge among the participants of the School were held in a comfortable hotel ‘Queen of Montenegro’ in Becici situated close to the tourist capital of Budva in the course of the week. More than 70 doctors from different countries of the world took part in the current training period being the evidence of the undeniable success.

Greeting the participants the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to the Republic of Montenegro A. Nesterenko

stressed the importance of such events for the expansion of cooperation among doctors of different countries of the world.

01Lectures on the topics of ‘Effective Management in Medicine’, ‘Head and Neck Cancer’, ‘The Global problem’, ‘Nutritional Support in Oncology’ ‘Coloproctology’, ‘Radiology’, ‘Target Therapy’ and others were presented for the listeners by the best professionals of their activities – the Professor Igor Reshetov from Russia, the President of the WFSOS, Valerio Parizi from Italy, Michael Smola from Austria, Radan Dzodich from Serbia.

02The conference has become a forum for oncologists’ communication, doctors of different specialities, allowing both putting and solving scientific and practical tasks in the most science-intensive fields of Oncology, giving opportunity in future to apply the latest scientific achievements in the decisions of medical and social problems.

The Chairman of the conference, Professor I. Reshetov has noted: “Meeting on such scientific forums, we have the opportunity to share advanced technologies with colleagues, choose the priorities of the further movement and set strategic objectives in the nearest future”.

All the participants of this school consider the current training period to give a unique chance for the fruitful dialogue of professionals, to obtain additional knowledge and to achieve the main purpose of summarizing the international experience and the scientific research results in the field of rendering specialized assistance to oncological patients.

Different types of information exchange in the form of lectures, scientific meetings, seminars, films demonstration, round tables, etc., were offered for participants.

The conference is being widely covered in mass media: on TV channels, in the issued publications, on the leading medical Internet-resources, in a specialized medical journal of the Association of Oncologists of Russia ‘Oncosurgery’ and the web-portal

03Analyzing and summing up the fulfilled work, one can say with confidence that ‘The 3rd Training Period of the International Week of Oncology’ has achieved its main goal and has become an important step in the integration of both domestic and foreign oncologists, demonstrating the latest achievements and discoveries in the modern Oncology. Initiatives, materials and designs of the conference will be popular among those who are interested in them, giving a powerful impetus to unite the efforts of the doctors of different specialties in their struggle against malignant neoplasms.

At the end of training students and lecturers were given international certificates confirming their participation in listening to lectures of both domestic and foreign oncological science leaders.

Undoubtedly, the place of holding the International Week of Oncology, wonderful nature in Montenegro,  mostly sunny weather, in spite of the deep autumn period, excursions to the sights of this country helped to communicate and could not but have an impact on the mood and overall friendly atmosphere of the School.

Prior to the meeting at the conference of the 4th Training Period of the International Week of Oncology in the Republic of Montenegro !


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