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In time Prof. Reshetov opened WFSOS meeting in Montenegro (02-06/11/2012.)

WFSOS  has been registered as organization in law and now it has banking account. Office and post box are situated on Cyprus – all next Presidents will take over these organizational moments.


 New site of WFSOS was created. It has few sections: information about organization (including list of participants, history of organization banking account etc.), mission, aims, contacts and news.

One of the goals – to improve the site’s filling, so the request from President to all members: please provide us the proposals about content of the site and send the information about all local congresses.

One of the most interesting parts of the meeting was the discussion about WFSOS journal. Near 10 years ago the journal was created but since that time its name was changed, and all attempts to contact with its holder failed.

The proposal of President – to start a new project – international on-line oncology journal of WFSOS- journal of oncosurgery. President and his team have experience in issuance of  Oncosurgery journal but of course they need help of all WFSOS to realize this project. During discussion there were different proposals from participants, for example – to publish small digest of guidelines and to make not only on-line but paper version of the journal too  (from Prof. Smola),  or to use modern technologies for translation of abstracts (Prof. Parisi).

Another big task – to create of permanent WFSOS school (with at least once-a-year studies or with organization of so called educational tours) for young residents and surgeons. It is necessary to contact with National Societies to elect the Scientific Committee and to define the most optimal direction of studies and pool of the speakers. . Prof. Reshetov was proposed for election as a Director of this School.

Michael Smola - elected vice president of the WFSOS.

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