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IV Cycle of International Oncology Week Integrated Educational Standards of Treatment in Oncology: Technologies and Innovations 1-5th of November 2013, Montenegro, Budva

From 1st to 2nd of November IV Cycle of International Oncology Week was held in Montenegro. This event has now become traditional and attracting increasing number of participants each year.

Lectures of leading experts, professional discussions and exchange of ideas and knowledge between members of the School took place in a comfortable congress hall of hotel Avala located in the tourist capital of Montenegro - Budva. More than 90 specialists from different countries took part in this Cycle, which demonstrates the undoubted success.

 The speakers were such world experts as Professor Reshetov Igor (Russia), Professor Radan Dzodich (Serbia), Professor Vladimir Anikin (UK), Professor Hari Shukla (India), Professor Andrew Vazhenin (Russia), Doctor Lanisnik Bostian (Slovenia), Professor Janush Jaskewicz (Poland), Professor Leo Demidov (Russia) and other respected specialists.

The given lectures were on different actual topics: «Prevention of post-operative complications with somatostatin analogues in surgery of liver and pancreas», «Modern approach to the management of malignant pleural effusion», «Modern capabilities of drug therapy for metastatic colorectal cancer. The choice of agents for first-line therapy and its impact on survival rates», «Current targeted therapy for malignant neoplasms» e.t.c.

Mr. Zoran Kostic made a welcoming speech on behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Montenegro. In his speech, he appreciated the excellent opportunity for Montenegrin doctors to get acquainted with the latest developments in oncology, and most importantly to establish contacts between interested colleagues from different countries and cities. He also expressed the position of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Montenegro on the continued support of the event.

Russian Ambassador in Montenegro A.A. Nesterenko in summarizing speech highlighted the critical importance of this discussion and educational areas for further improvement of the cancer treatment.

The play "Senseless" was performed at the opening ceremony of the Cycle. It is dedicated to importance of timely contact with specialists. The forum participants had a unique opportunity to follow all stages of the fate of a cancer patient, all the drama of relationships with family members and doctors of different specialties.senseless

One of the most important achievements of previous cycles is that the Forum has become recognized among professionals, which is showed not only by the increasing number of participants, but also the expansion of geography. In 2013, the cycle was attended by representatives of Russia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan. Chairman of the Conference, Professor Igor Reshetov said: "Meeting on scientific forums like this, gives an opportunity to share cutting-edge technology, prioritize further progress and identify strategic objectives for the coming years."

All members of the school noted that the cycle provided the unique opportunity of fruitful communication between professionals and gaining more knowledge. Thus, the main objective of the conference - synthesis of the worldwide experience and results of research in the field of specialized oncologic care has been achieved.

Various forms of communication - lectures, scientific sessions, workshops, film screenings, panel discussions, etc. were used.

The conference was widely covered in the media: on television (, in printed periodicals newspaper "Vesti", newspaper "Dan"  on the top medical online resources, in a specialized medical journal of the Association of Russian oncologists "Oncosurgery", web portal

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the international week of oncology accomplishes its mission, as was assumed by organizing committee – it makes is an important step in the integration of local and foreign oncologists. Initiatives, materials, and development of the conference will be demanded by the general medical community and will serve as a powerful stimulus to join the forces of various specialists in the fight against cancer. All participants and lecturers received international certificates proving that they have listened lectures by leaders international oncologists.

The unique venue of the Oncology week cannot be underestimated. Wonderful nature of Montenegro, mostly sunny weather, despite the deep fall, sightseeing tours in this country beyond doubt had an influence on mood and overall friendly atmosphere of the school.
See you at the V cycle of the International Week of Oncology in the Republic of Montenegro!


Organizing committee expresses their gratitude to the company "Merck" - General Sponsor of the event.

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