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The 5th Cycle of the International Week of Oncology: Integrated Educational Standards of Treatment in Oncology and Plastic Surgery: Technologies and Innovations 31/10 - 05/11/2014 Budva, Montenegro

The 5th Jubilee  Cycle of the International Week of Oncology was held in Montenegro from 31th of October till 4th of November 2014. This event has become a tradition and each year is gaining popularity .

During five days lectures by leading experts, professional discussions and ideas and knowledge exchange  between members of the School were happening in a comfortable hotel Splendid. Famous professors including Igor Reshetov (Russia), prof . Radan Dzodic (Serbia), prof. Vladimir Anikin (UK), Professor . Andrey Vazhenin (Russia), prof. Anatoly Romanchishen (Russia) , Dr. Jeanette Dickson (UK), Dr. Aleksander Celebic (Montenegro), Dr. Julia Mokhova (Russia) were among speakers of the cycle.

Topics of discussion were very variable – «Multiple primary malignant tumors», «Surgery as a primary treatment for breast cancer», «Supporting therapy in treatment of medullar thyroid cancer», «How to select patients for targeted chemotherapy?» e.t.c.


Greetings from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Montenegro were made ​​by the Assistant Minister for the promotion and development of oncology service Dr. Sanja Simovic.  In her speech she highlighted the positive trend of professional relationships development in the oncological community. Dr. Simovic thanked for the excellent opportunity for Montenegrin doctors to learn about the latest advances in oncology, and more important to establish contacts between colleagues from different countries.

She also expressed the position of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Montenegro on the continuing support of the event.

In this context, we would like to emphasize that Montenegrin Dr. Alexander Celebic has attended the School this year on behalf of the Minister of Health Mr. Miodrag Radunović. His presentation on "Surgery as a method of primary treatment of breast cancer ," made ​​a great impression on the audience.

Russian Ambassador in Montenegro Andrei Nesterenko addressed the V cycle audience with a summarizing speech about the critical importance of educational platform for the further improvement of cancer treatment. Mr. Ambassador also answered the questions on the possibility of bilateral international relations and presented diplomas to students of the Cycle.

During the Conference meeting of regional representatives of the World Organization of Surgeons Oncology was held. Several decisions were made after the discussion:

- Election of a new president - a specialist in thoracic surgery of the Royal Hospital , Professor Vladimir Anikin was proposed as a candidate for President position ;

- Professor Radan Dzodic from Serbia was approved for future vice president,

- The Republic of Montenegro became a candidate for membership in the Organization.

was discussed The possibility of conducting master classes by leading world experts on the subsequent cycles in Clinical Center of the Republic of Montenegro.

Conference Chair , Professor I.Reshetov said: "Such meeting on scientific forums gives us a unique opportunity to share cutting-edge technology, discuss current issues and select priorities for further movement and identify strategic objectives for the coming years."

All participants agreed that our cycle gives the opportunity of productive communication between professional. Thus, the main achievement of this cycle was experience exchange between international experts in the field of specialized treatment to cancer patients.

The Conference was covered in the media , including the first state channel of the Republic of Montenegro, leading medical web resources including websites of Ministry of Health and Clinical Center.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the International Week of Oncology performs its task - as the founders anticipated, it is an important step in the integration of domestic and foreign oncological societies. Initiatives, materials and conclusions of the conference will be in demand by broader medical community and will serve as a powerful incentive for doctors of various specialties to join forces in the fight against cancer.

The organizing committee give special thanks to company "Farm - Synthesis" for their support and assistance in conducting the meeting.

Wonderful nature of Montenegro undoubtedly helped the communication process. Mostly sunny weather, sightseeing had a positive effect on mood of participants and overall friendly atmosphere of the school.

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