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WFSOS annual board meeting protocol


Bechichi, Montenegro


Igor Reshetov (Russia)

Anatoliy Romanchishen (Russia)

Ivan Markovic (Serbia)

Vladimir Anikin (Great Britain)

Milan Knezevic (Monenegro, Spain)

Andrey Vazhenin (Russia)

Baktbek Batalov (Kazakhstan)

Julia Mochova (Russia)

Marina Mosesova (Russia)

Victoria Shcherbina (Russia)




Post-release VI cycle International oncology week

IMG 1330

VI cycle International oncology week

“Integrated Educational Standards of Treatment in Oncology and Plastic Surgery: Technologies and Innovations” 

31st of October– 4th of November 2015, Budva, Montenegro


In late October - early November, the VI International Cycle Week oncology was conducted. The organizers were:

1. The World Federation of Surgical Oncology Societies,

2. "Federation of specialists head and neck treatment,

3. First Moscow State Medical University IM Sechenov,


News tom articles in oncology

Most popular articles on behalf of touchONCOLOGY


We are pleased to present this selection of peer reviewed, open access articles published in the latest editions of European Oncology & Haematology and Oncology & Hematology Review (US). Please also enjoy a selection of touchONCOLOGY videos, filmed at this years ECC congress in Vienna, highlighting some of the key topics from the meeting.

touchONCOLOGY aims to provide concise and insight content on the latest research and industry developments from leading experts in the field.

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Rare observation. Hematoma and cancer in thyroid gland

Traumatic thyroid hematoma associated with thyroid carcinoma.

Thyroid hematoma secondary to blunt trauma is uncommon, and no consensus exists for its management. We describe the case of a 46-year-old man who presented with neck swelling after he had sustained a blunt-trauma injury to his neck while playing soccer. Imaging revealed a large mass consistent with a thyroid hematoma. The patient was admitted for observation and followed up with serial imaging. He was eventually discharged without surgical intervention. However, he later underwent a thyroid lobectomy to treat compressive symptoms and for cosmetic reasons. Pathology revealed that the patient had a papillary thyroid carcinoma, which might have predisposed him to the hemorrhage. Thyroid hematoma secondary to blunt trauma has been documented in normal thyroid glands and in glands with preexisting benign pathology, but to the best of our knowledge, no report associating this condition with a thyroid carcinoma has previously been reported in the literature. A neoplasm should be suspected in a case of thyroid hematoma that fails to resolve with conservative treatment. The management of this condition is surgeon- and case-specific, and the overall prognosis is good.


4th International Breast Symposium Düsseldorf – IBSD 2016

Dear Colleagues:

again, I would like to personally invite you to join the faculty and me to the 4th International Breast Symposium Düsseldorf (IBSD) being held in April 22 - 23, 2016.

We have been able to recruit again renowned national and international plastic surgeons and senologists as faculty members, to initiate discussions of current developments in aesthetic and reconstructive breast  surgery. We would like to take the greast opportunity to strengthen the multidisciplinary approach between the colleagues to create a platform for an open discussion from different perspectives.

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