Woman bemused by man’s awkward voice recording on Hinge profile about ‘the future’

It’s certainly no secret that many people face hardships when trying to find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

Some have attempted to meet potential partners the old fashioned way – in person.

While others resort to online dating apps to try their luck.

Well, one woman might feel like giving up on her search for love after stumbling across a hilarious, but rather awkward, voice recording from a potential match’s dating profile.

Her discovery comes just after the app, ‘Hinge’, revealed a new ‘voice prompt’ feature on the app in November, allowing users to preview someone’s voice before matching with them.

The feature has certainly had its fair share of use ever since it arrived, with many users rushing to add their unique stamp to their profile.

Lauren Murray took to Twitter to share a recording from a profile she came across on the app.

In the video captioned, “Hinge is hell on earth LMAO”, the man can be heard providing an answer to the statement ‘My most irrational fear’.

But to Lauren’s utter surprise, the man had provided an absolute theatrical response that left her baffled.

The unnamed man said: “My most irrational fear is that there is a version of me in the future who has access to a time machine and decides to come into my timeline and try and take me.

“And of course there’ll be a struggle and if he wins and he replaces me then HE gets to blow your back out”.

The hilarious clip has certainly provided giggles across social media, garnering almost 800k views since being posted.

The post has been seen going viral on Twitter and Instagram with many other women sharing their hilarious experiences with the new feature.

One Twitter account shared another hilarious voice prompt from a man who imitated an old woman’s voice, as he stated: “I really hope you like a man who wears a uniform because I work for McDonald’s, extra nuggets.”

But soon after the man shifts back to his normal talking voice, as he said: “I’m only messing I don’t actually sound like that. But if you like a guy who’s fun, silly, spontaneous and keep you on your toes in a positive way, I dare you to match.”

While another viewer shared a bizarre voice prompt from a Mickey Mouse impersonator who claimed who knew the well-loved cartoon character.

Someone else had commented under the post stating: “Hinge is… unhinged”.

However whilst others are appalled at the state of the online dating scene, there were some who couldn’t resist congratulating the man on his originality.

One person on Twitter replied: “This is amazing and hilarious and so good, perfect answer”.

A second was motivated to download the app again stating: “I’m going to download hinge AGAIN just to see this because I know there are some gems in my area”.